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My name is Jon Cheuvront and I am an Information Security Engineer for a big company located in a big building based out of a big city. That is just what I do for a living. What I do for my own sanity is trying to reignite the creative side of my brain.

I plan to use this site to post my photograhy and music plus posts about all the things swimming around in my brain.


That's a good question. Really I don't expect anyone to ever really see this site but I fell the need to get this out. Hopefully someone (you) will enjoy what you see, hear, and read and keep coming back for more. If you do like please let me know JonC.


I also have a IRC channel on freenode nostly to just keep my Nick (monkee13) active but also if you would like to chat drop in sometime.


Photo gallery coming soon


This is where I plan to post up music that I make. Mostly rough cuts and clips (so I remember them) and hopefully full songs eventually.


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